Traditionally called ‘Shou Sugi Ban,’ the Japanese art of charring wood is hundreds of years old, and to this day withstands the test of time. We used charred wood siding for our home the we purchased from pre-charred. This siding is fire resistant, bug resistant, and doesn’t need to be painted or stained frequently. When Andy built the garage he decided to char it himself. We borrowed a torch from the local fire department (our neighbor) and he torched wood for weeks. We were very happy with both varieties at the beginning and love the way it looked. We also loved not needing to paint. Now, with the intense Colorado sun the char has faded and we aren’t sure what to do! I am wondering if the technique is better for a different climate. The company we bought from is in the PNW, and I am thinking that it may hold up better there? Drop a comment below if you have had any experience with this!